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The purpose of telling the story twice is to separate the Bead Master from the Players. The Players often bring in concepts that are not well stated.

The Master will place new Global Beads in the form of text and/or image URLs.

A private e-forum is then organized around a discussion of the concepts in the Master's Beads.

Knowledge engineers (members of the BCNGroup) read the e-forum letters and produce the Localized Beads to reflect the e-forum discussion.

These Localized Beads are posted into a sandBox (a virtual directory), links are made between global and localized beads and a concept graph is updated for navigation, routing and visualization purposes.

The Master does not participate in the e-forum, and only receives feedback from the community by reading the Localized Beads.

The purpose of the Game is to develop an archive-able Bead Tapestry that encodes knowledge assets from a certain point of view. Establishing this view is the responsibility of the Master.

In certain cases, the Bead Game is played in an Intellectual property protected sandBox. In this setting the need for control of the thematic expression is a critical part of a Value Proposition. Due to a Value Proposition one may have economic processes that are organizing the discussions in the sandBox.