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A Question of Access


Part 2: Chapter 8

Extending non-base-10 arithmetic into topology and number theory

August 16, 2002



Purpose of the chapter


This chapter will be co-authored by Peter Kugler.  We will develop the computer science of elementary number base conversions and explore the profound implications to the In-Memory Referential Information Base, discovered by Bjorn Gruenwald and extended by Paul Prueitt and Don Mitchell.


The material is simple and surprising.


See URL1  and   URL2.  These two papers are very difficult, however a few foundational notions are quickly introduced that extends the an introductory treatment of elementary number base conversions to number theoretic and topological notions that are extremely useful and important for conceptual mining of written text. 


The primary challenge is to present these foundational notions without going into conceptual mining of written text techniques.  These techniques will be treated in Foundations.




These notes are formative towards Prueitt’s new book on learning theory.

We expect that the book will be developed over the next four months.

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