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General invitation email being send to members of the mathematics and science education community starting June 16, 2006


About Paul Prueitt



Dear Colleagues


I am developing on line collaboration regarding an investigation that suggests that most adults have an acquired learning disability in arithmetic and basic mathematics, and profound dislike of intellectualism. 


The source of this (conjectured) acquired learning disability (ALD) may be traceable to a normal and natural response to very slow and often very poor learning experiences in elementary school and in middle schools.


A culturally well established social philosophy also seems to re-enforce the notion that any type of mathematics is distasteful.


My notes on this viewpoint are at:




These notes require an extensive background in a number is disciplines and some withholding of judgment until the full argument can be made.


What I wish to do is to spend the next twelve months developing two texts, one at the graduate mathematics education level; and one which is to be used as a textbook for reteaching arithmetic and teaching for the first time foundational concepts from number theory, topology, real analysis and history of formalism.


Might you forward my note on to others of your colleagues and advise me as to e-forums that are open to looking at the issue of acquired learning disability and remediation strategies based on this theory.


I opened a goggle-groups forum for the purpose of a discussion with the mathematics education community. 




This e-forum is intended as a criticism of educational philosophy, but not of anyone who has (or is) part of the mathematics / science education community.  It is a discussion about the possibility that the K-12 system and social philosophy work together to produce an effect that is not necessary.  It is conjectured that the poor performance of American school students in mathematics and science is not a natural phenomenon that arises out of some absence of capability.  A positive statement of remediation strategies is sought. 


Dr Paul S Prueitt