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A Question of Access


August 20, 2002


These notes are formative towards Prueitt’s new book on learning theory.

We expect that the book will be developed over the next four months.



(opening of google e-forum June 16, 2006)


Textbook syllabus:  Arithmetic in arbitrary number bases


Sample Teaching Session and One-Hour Demonstration


is the actual curriculum that re-teaches arithmetic in arbitrary number bases


“Question of Access” is a scholarly thesis on the problem of learned disability in arithmetic and the proposed remediation.


Outline:  (A little bit is written on those chapters having a hyperlink.)


The scholarly thesis about conjectured learned disability


[1]    A Model of Self Concept, Selective Attention and Coherence in Viewpoint

[2]    Low Zone Tolerance as a model of student inability in mathematics

[3]    The Evidence of Learned Disability with respect to mathematics curriculums

[4]    Ubiquitous social-philosophical justification for Learned Disability 

[5]    The motivated-bored-fearful framework for classroom social interaction

[6]    The Nodal Forest Learning Strategy, the healing/re-accommodation process

[7]    Re-teaching arithmetic using number bases other than base 10

[8]    Extending non-base-10 arithmetic into topology and number theory

[9]    A true liberal arts education “about” the nature of mathematics

[10]  A liberal arts history of mathematics

[11]  Towards a science of knowledge systems

[12]  Social enlightenment about the nature of mathematical thought






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