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Friday, September 10, 2004

The BCNGroup Beadgames


An “invitation” to develop a proposal

Background material on why a National Project is required


Ontologystream Inc has submitted a total of seven major proposals (1999-2004).  The nature of these proposals is consistent in attempting to establish a proof of concept and product based on Human-centric Information Production and Stratified Theory.


Our current offering to any Venture Capital group is at:




We are seeking to prove that an entirely different approach to information science has been worked out, without federal or private funding, by hundreds of scientists.  These individuals work in isolation from each other, not out of choice but due to economic pressures.  In each case, these individuals feel specific cultural/economic pressure to not make the history of experiences with federal funding agencies known.  In a few cases, we have written testimony that details specific experiences.  A “general systems theoretic” model of how this pressure is created has been produced so that the individuals who have been affected can take positive steps to see that the new approach becomes mainstream.


The BCNGroup Inc is a not for profit foundation chartered in 1997 to address these issues.  Our observation is that federal funding practices have actively inhibited the formation of a community of scientists whose work could define this entirely different approach to information science.  This inhibition is kept from the public view using, for example, laws that do not allow NIST peer review to be acquired using Freedom of Information Act procedures.  The inhibition is not a conspiracy as much as it is a specific type of groupthink.   The inhibition extends to scientific publications.   An understanding of this inhibition is key to our claim that a National Project is the only way our society will see the paradigm shift that is now reaching a tipping point.


A tipping point is developing where a small amount of public exposure over what we have already completed, without funding, can be the basis for a National Project involving a re-programming of 20% of the IT evaluation and procurement funding for next year.


The BCNGroup Inc has no interest in talking about the details of the past inhibitions, except to bring an understanding to the community as to why our work is methodologically rejected while other work, such as the rebirth of strong AI in the form of “cognitive systems” is funded again at DARPA.