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BCNGroup digital Glass Bead Games

Virtual Museum System [+]

Foundation for Creative Acquisition Inc (registered in New Mexico) [+]

Mapping Social Processes [+]

Collective Intelligence [+]

RoadMap for Adoption of the Ontological Sciences [+]

Anticipatory Design [+]

Acquired Learning Disability [+]

K-12 curriculum in the Ontological Sciences [+]   


Safe Net digital-Glass Bead Game thread [+]

National Project digital-Glass Bead Game thread [+]



The enumeration of threads of thought is similar to a wiki.  Each of the topics describes a part of a social/scientific/educational processes that the BCNGroup Foundation has engaged in for twenty years.  Part of this process is in the description of very advance intelligence technology capable of measuring the social discourse [+], and some of this process is related to the development of a curriculum to be taught in K-12 and colleges about the ontological sciences [+] .



In developing the Roadmap for Semantic Technology Adoption  we made a connection between the challenges of e-commerce and the use of ontological models in computer systems. 


In purposing an anticipatory function to the Internet, we are suggesting a new era in information exchanges; one that truly addresses the needs of a complex society.  A national program to shift funding from first generation computer science to a science about human communication and culture has been proposed [+].


Artistic expression is a type of innovation.  There is a connection between difficulties found by creative artists in making a living and difficulties in allowing deep innovation in the marketplace. 


See also notes on educational renewal {+}.  



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