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Thursday, September 02, 2004


The BCNGroup Beadgames


On mapping the Intellectual Property expression in real time



Open and public letter to:


M*CAM, Inc.



I wish to have an open and scholarly conversation with David Martin about the diagram I produced in this bead, in the BCNGroup Glass Bead Games.





At the core of computer science is a small set of concepts


A group of scientists are conjecturing that at the core of computer science is a small set of concepts.  Humans, in the act of being in the world, produce the concepts.  The specific concepts are developed as part of the ecological affordance related to the needs of human society for computing services and the nature of the silicon processor and or the abstractions we call computer-programs.  This small set of concepts is the formative substructure on which any real time map of Patent space must make reference. 


The BCNGroup beads games have become more and more over the years a conversation about a National Project that would simplify computer science and alter the foundations of mathematics.


I am an expert on techniques for separating subject matter indicators expressed as invariances in patterns of words occurrences.  One might believe that the new technology I have developed would improve the conceptual fidelity of concept roll-ups from the collections of patent documents filed with the PTO.   This technology might be used by M-CAM if you are interested.  In any case, the mapping of parts of the PTO space will be developed as a means to help the BCNGroup fulfill its mission. 


I have been publicly involved, since 1992, in the concept of mapping all intellectual property as part of a larger project directed at mapping the real time evolution of the social discourse by harvesting weblogs or other real time expressions in text in the Internet.


Dr. Paul Prueitt