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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


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Communications with the CATO Institute




Mr Pierre,

CATO Institute


Thank you for your informative communication.  All communications to the BCNGroup are public.  We are placing the communications from DC area think tanks into a public record regarding their awareness of issues placed into the public discourse by our scientists. 



An average citizen might become curious as to why the Director of Defense Policy Studies at the Cato Institute would NOT have an interest in a possible National Project directed at producing a new type of information technology where national policy and national defense might be more broadly discussed.  Is he not aware of the Congressional interest in the failures of Information Technology in the IC?


Certainly the title that Mr Pena has would indicate to the average citizen that he has a professional responsibility to know if there was a scientific basis for a national project of this type.  Or are you communicating to us that we really have no voice in the national debate regarding the failures in the IC?  Is your communication to the BCNGroup (copied below) that only the few chosen "responsible" people need be concerned as to what the issues related to information technology are, and how this might be related to national security? 


An outside group of scientists have an opinion that they feel the think tanks should examine, given that this same community of think tanks is making huge funding decisions that affect all of us.  One might suggest that a groupthink characterizes the behavior of all DC think tanks.


If Mr Pena is not the person who would be most interested at the Cato Institute, perhaps you can direct our attention to that single person or group at the Cato Institute who would be interested in talking with a group of scientists about this conjecture:




The average citizen might reasonably ask, what determines Chick Pena's area of interest?


I would like your comment for the record, as the BCNGroup has made a study regarding the various reasons why DC area think tanks seem entirely missing in this specific discussion.


Dr. Paul Prueitt







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From: Evans Pierre [mailto:epierre@cato.org]

Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 9:46 AM

To: Paul S Prueitt

Subject: RE: Conjecture justifying a National Project



Not his area of research or interest. Good luck.


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From: Paul S Prueitt [mailto:paul@ontologystream.com]

Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 8:56 AM

To: Wyatt DuBois; Evans Pierre

Subject: FW: Conjecture justifying a National Project


Mr Pierre and Mr Dubois


Please discuss this communication with


Chuck Pena

Director of Defense Policy Studies

Cato Institute


Give me a call if you wish...


Dr. Paul Prueitt




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From: Paul S Prueitt [mailto:paul@ontologystream.com]

Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 8:33 AM

To: Ken Ewell; BCNGroup Board

Cc: Tim Finin; Susan Turnbull; Robert Hoffman; Rob Reilly; Rick Morris;

Rita Colwell; Richard Ballard; Peter Krieg; Peter Jobse; Paul Werbos;

Leo Obrst; Kent C. Myers; John Sowa; John Petersen; Jie-hong C Morrison;

Jeffery Mckitrick; H. Montgomery

Subject: Conjecture justifying a National Project




Conjecture:  Periodic tables exist for each type of naturally occurring

complex system.  Each of these periodic tables has a small number of "atoms"

and each of these atoms has a specific set of valences/affordances from

which one can predict the function of compositions of these atoms in natural



short communication continued at:






Dr. Paul S. Prueitt

Director, BCNGroup