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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


The BCNGroup Beadgames


National Project

Relationship to the think tanks and consulting industry





I feel that we will miss all of the opportunities that might have been. 


I understand that my thinking outside the box is a big problem for everyone.  One of the staff at Institute for Defense Analysis has the "standard" understanding about me down and stated at:




I feel the criticism that people expresses to me that "why should my concepts be treated any different from anyone else's concepts."  I have nothing left to say about this. 


Those whom I look to for community are all in the same situation, where a global phenomenon is shifting the resources away from us and to other communities. 


We are all in a long term reinforced state of "learned helpless".  Our enemies know this and will exploit this state to further damage our own understanding of who we were before the War started. 


In talking to the new CEO at Hicks and Associates, Jeffery McKitrick, I had to stop and ask him if he lived in a different universe that I did; because he seemed to not comprehend anything I was saying about what I, and others, have observed the old group at Hicks and Associates doing - to me and to others within my community (names a few whose experience with this one group has damaged innovation.)




So we all sink together, unable to do anything about our situation or the situation for the community.  A similar feeling comes from my discussions at the Arlington Institute, The Institute for Defense Analysis and from others whom I interact with here inside the DC beltway.


I have work in three areas, all stalled


1) the Anticipatory Web technology

2) educational renewal based on a knowledge science curriculum for K-12.

3) the Safe net concept


The discussions with House staff might lead to more discussions. 


I have offered a philosophical foundation as to why anticipatory technology can be built today.


If we could integrate ReadWare and Orbs then we could show them the results.  But how can we do this when Nathan, whose help I must have, and you and I have only enough money to pay the rent.