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On the separation of syntax and semantics and the issue of (real time) pragmatics  ŕ



Monday, August 16, 2004


The BCNGroup Beadgames





On the issue of inhibition by Incumbent Group Think

See also [66-1]



For context, please see short position paper at: www.ontologystream.com


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These conversations are an attempt to show technical staff that the problem of induction has to be solved if a technology is to be called “anticipatory”.  [70]  We have specific work that indicates a way to solve the induction problem by bringing the formation of machine ontology closer to the real time experience of information by a human, rather than thinking that a computer can become aware and intelligent in a sense marketed by the hard Artificial Intelligence advocates.   


Our problem with incumbents, is that they define the discussion to be about what the BCNGroup might do for them to help them with business processes, and will NOT engage in a principled discussion on the issues of induction and deduction, machine representation of knowledge, and the design and procedures that are “unnatural” in the Intelligence Community. 


We seek to constructively work on demonstrating solutions that have been outlined, peer reviewed, deemed fundable, but then not funded.


The issues of induction and deduction see beads [65] – [70], define many of the key problems caused by current procurement of information technology consulting. 



Dr. Paul Stephen Prueitt

Director BCNGroup